Handloomed PRISM Turkish Bath Stripe


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Kate swooned with delight and goosebumps when introduced to this towel.

It is handloomed in Turkey...a genuine Turkish Towel! The two layers make it rich and squishy soft, the fringe is endearing and chunky.

Three beautiful colors of Turkish cotton are woven together to create the Prism Stripe collection. Each comes with a subtle stripe as well as traditional fringe ends—ideal as a beach towel or even a reversible wrap for dinner and drinks.

Imagine the uses!  Beach, Baby, Table Covers, Wraps and of course it will be your favorite bath towel.

39"x70" Eco friendly, Fair Trade

Soak in cold water for 4-6 hours one time before use to increase absorbency.  Hang to dry.

Everyday care: machine wash cold or warm, no bleach and  NO FABRIC SOFTENER!  Air dry or tumble dry taking care - do not over dry cotton.

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