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Kamala has an exclusively blended scent.

The story is, that our customers always remark on how much they love the smell of the store: they hated to wash their clothes the first time, they could always tell when a gift was from Kamala from the smell of the tissue paper! And they wished to be able to bring it home.

It was nothing that I purposefully did, but just ended up having a beautiful aroma naturally blending from the different products we have carried through the years.

A conversation with a local amazing soapmaker answered their wishes.

We have a custom blended line of body products! And it is now getting recognized 'out there in the real world'! I hear customers' stories about being asked if she is wearing Kamala.  It's very cool. Molly's Apothecary crafts this line just for us.

It's spicy and exotic...I don't exactly know what's in it and I love that it's a mystery! 

This offering is our bar of beautiful soap.  The colors were chosen for me as a surprise- all the colors in the floor tiles of my original shop which is now our office and a small crystal store.  So it has a nostalgic meaning to me. 

 I was gifted with photographs of the soap in process.  One picture shows the soap in a giant brick, and then cut into bar sized loaves before cutting slices. 

Isn't it GORGEOUS?



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