Kate's Polymer Earrings - #26


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For the last 30 years, Kate's one of kind earrings, made from intricate polymer clay canes have been her best seller.  Kate's family jokes that new ones appear when she chains herself to her beading table.  A batch of earrings can take nearly 3 weeks to complete!  This series of about a dozen pairs are from the last batch and have asked to be finished. 

These earrings will start conversations in grocery stores.  not kidding!

The earrings range in length, the average is 1.5" from the bottom of the earwire for the shorter looking rectangles.  The longer skinny rectangles are between 1.75-2" from the earwire.

The left and the right earring, if you notice are not identical.  This is done purposefully, as if the earrings were cut from a handmade crazy quilt.  They are 'matching' in the sense that they are sisters cut from the same cloth.  Because they are tiny pieces of art, they invite closer inspection and delight.

These earrings are VERY light!  You will not even know you have them on.  Kate strongly stresses to always wear the ear wire nut to keep them in because it is impossible to replace one earring.  Each series is limited in number and once finished, the next batch will be different colors. 

Handmade slowly and with love in Kate's Holliston MA studio.

Wires are surgical steel.

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