Cupcake is the best selling little bag that we have ever sold, it's just right!

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Made in Boulder Colorado, Maruca Design bags are a fashion forward accessory company that presents a new range of fabrics every season! They not only design their bags, but they also design the cloth pattern.

That's a huge undertaking! 

Bottom line is that you will have a very high quality purse that is not seen in every department store.

This is Cupcake, a little crossbody bag (about 6x8) with a top zip and a slip pocket, that is just the right size for walking around a city for the day, or for walking the dog, or how about this idea?  Are you one that carries a HUGE handbag?  How about putting your essentials for shopping inside this little bag and when you run into a store, only take your Cupcake with you!  Your shoulders will thank you. 

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