Plus Leggings- Black Red Tapestry

Rich and beautiful print, feels inspired by old Oriental rugs!


Our wide selection of fabulous leggings has grown in a short time because of the amazing response to them from our customers!

They are stretchy---One size really does fit many beautiful bodies, from


As one customer says, "these are not your mother's leggings", so give yourself permission to have some fun with bright colors on your legs!

Pair these butter soft leggings with your favorite tunic for work, or wear them to yoga class. They transition easily throughout your day. And we have been told they make great pajamas too!  Often heard in Kamala Boutique is the exclamation of how soft they feel when a customer reaches out to touch the colorful display. They are irresistible!  The bright colors are super versatile,  blending in with and brightening up your wardrobe. 

Their low price makes it easy for you to collect them and believe us, you will want a few pairs! Treat yourself!

An outfit suggestion: Butter Soft one size leggings, a solid color coordinating tunic, and a scarf or necklace that brings in the colors in the leggings.  In the summer, wear your favorite sandals and in cooler temps, wear a draped sweater over the tunic, boot socks and your cool boots. We have seen this outfit look amazing with sleek riding boots, short 'army' boots and bright red cowboy boots.  (Because red cowboy boots go with everything.) 

Comments from Kamala Customers from our Facebook page:

"Super soft! Amazingly Stretchy!......."Absolute delight to wear!"......"washes well"......"You feel better becausee they are so cozy"....."Like wearing your pjs all day"....."fashion statement at its best, makes one feel special and unique".... "perfect for travel and the red eye flight!"


92% brushed poly 8% spandex. One size fits XL- 2XL

Handwash or gentle cycle, line dry. Imported

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