One Of A Kind Handmade Item - USEFUL LITTLE BAG TOUCAN


Kate, owner of Kamala, LOVES to make bags, even as young as 12 years old when she made a purse out of a basket, the love of creating fabric containers never faded.

This design is a Very Useful Little Bag, or maybe better... Pocket, about 7"x11" with a button closure at the top. The fabrics are beautiful cottons, often hand batiked, lined with something pretty to complement. And then there is that fun trim at the top and the contrast color button hole and button. It's a cool little one of a kind party.

Use it to hold your sketchbook, or your current novel... or your journal, or for traveling to hold your itinerary. How about putting all your power cords in this bag for when you travel? Or if you are like me, and carry around snacks, it's the perfect little pouch for that too. Some use it for holding crystals, or oracle card decks. Yes, it's perfect for that too.

It was originally designed to hold SoulCollage® cards and supplies, and then imagination showed up to use widened!

What would you put inside it?

One of a kind, artisan made in Holliston MA.

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