I'm Somebody!!

I'm Somebody!!

Musings about launching a web store.

If you have ever seen Steve Martin's "The Jerk", then you know what I am referencing with the title of this article... "I'm somebody!" is something I have said through the years, as each little mountain of growth has happened. 

The first time I ever saw my name on the sign of my clothing design business in 1987, I knew what he felt when he saw his name in the phone book for the first time:

"Millions of people read this every day! I'm somebody!"

I am grateful, to the depths of my heart and my bones that I have not lost this child-like innocence in my response to reaching goals. At times it still feels like I am dreaming, like this is 'just practice' for something bigger.

Not too long ago, the night that my husband, Mo, helped me 'wake up' my web-store, I was barely breathing, like ready-to-faint shallow breathing.  It felt SO huge to me, stepping off the cliff of knowing how to run my local business into the wild unknown of the internet. 

Some of my super supportive customers were graciously there to give me instant satisfaction and put in webstore orders within a few minutes. oh, how I love my fans!  I anxiously watched the computer that evening, it felt like watching newborn puppies....maybe they are a little bigger now, after all, it's been 10 minutes, puppies grow fast, right? 

The first few days were a blast!!  There have been some growing pains, and bridges to cross, but I have my kickin' cowboy boots on and I am ready. 

The 'somebody' moment came less than one week after launching... the office phone rang and a woman from Arkansas was on the phone with a question about a coat we have.  Eileen fielded the call, talked of sizing and how cute it was and how much she wanted the coat for herself (this happens all too often), the same sort of conversational banter that happens when someone shops our brick and mortar store.   I whispered to Eileen, "ask her how she found our site", and the answer was a search! 

I started dancing and saying gleefully, "I'm somebody! I'm somebody!"

So... that's exactly what it feels like to have this store up and running! It feels like it has been ages in the making.

Thank you for being here, and if you are friends with me on Facebook, for supporting all the questions I threw out to the Universe in trying to navigate the geek stuff.

I have added this blog to my webstore so that I can offer up insight about what is happening and being offered to you in my online store.  Customers in my boutique know that there are stories woven with much of the merchandise that I choose to sell. Knowing just how much heart was in it before they put their own heart into it, makes their purchase more meaningful.  I hope that your experience with Kamala Boutique on-line is just as meaningful.

xo, kate




  1. Dorian Dorian

    What I enjoy most about your online store....is the people. Kamala B is not just a website but a home of hardworking peeps that take the time to customize and process cool outfits and merchandise. It's the attention to detail and kindness that allows it to stand out. And, the proof is in the wearing....whenever I wear an outfit from your store, I'm always stopped and complimented. Thank you.

  2. Estelle M Goodnight Estelle M Goodnight

    Congratulations on your first blog, Kate!!! I think your website is awesome and very easy to navigate. You should be so super proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished!! I know what it takes to run a business and you have so many things going at the same time. You're doing splendid!! I'm wishing you wonderful growth in the future.

  3. Janee Janee

    Congratulations, Somebody! It's great to see how your are growing with your business. I also like seeing your artwork incorporated here. Awesome! Yay!

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