SoulKu Jewelry and Aromatherapy Oils

SoulKu Jewelry and Aromatherapy Oils

I love this company. It's pretty. It smells divine. And it supports women.

SoulKu is one of those companies that I love to support. 

Because women.

Those women who are working at the hardest job of all, already, as StayAtHomeMoms, are hired to handcraft this jewelry.

Because appreciation.

When I receive my shipment, the very first line of the address states, "GODDESS KATE".  I'm so glad they noticed!!  ;-)

Because women. (again)

This is a women owned company.

Because Jewelry.

Their jewelry is classic and understated- a simple stone or crystal drop necklace and earrings. The kind of jewelry that goes with anything and anyone can wear.

Rhodonite SoulKu Necklace

And because swooning.

SoulKu Aromatherapy Oils!!  OMG.  When these were presented to us by our sales rep, Eileen and I were like, 'okay, we'll take a look'... Then we started sniffing and swooning over how amazing the blends of scents are. We were sniffing and then putting the bottles under each others' noses to share the deliciousness. 

A few of the blends:

Balance: lavender and grapefruit

Love: jasmine, cypress and lavender

Grateful: palo santo, tulsi, clary sage, basil (this one is my favorite- I ADORE being able to wear palo santo)

SoulKu Grateful Aromatherapy Oil

There are 9 different fabulous blends!  AND each bottle has tiny little crystals inside (squeeeee)... how much I love these oils, you just don't know.  I carry a little bag of them with me and when I get one of those moments of restlessness or need a change from what I am doing, I will pull out a SoulKu roll-on and give myself a little aroma-therapy. 

Please look in the BODY PRODUCTS section of the store for all the lovely perfume oils from SoulKu. 


  1. Olivia Morris Olivia Morris

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